pairing your wallets with your handbags

pairing your wallets with your handbags

One of the most important items you have in your handbag is your leather wallet. We've compiled a few tips on how to pair your wallets with your handbags. 

How to Pair Your Wallets With Your Handbags 

One of the most important items you have in your handbag is your leather wallet. A fashionable and functional piece in its own right, you may be wondering if you should have a matching purse and wallet? Here at Brahmin, we’ve got the answers and a few suggestions to solve this stylish dilemma. 

Does Your Wallet Have To Match Your Bag? 

A matching wallet and purse set is an easy way to coordinate your accessories and upgrade your look. There are many ways to pair your purses and wallets: size, shape, color and patterns, and materials. 

Match Your Purse & Wallet Based On Sizes 

The first thing to take into consideration is the size of your purse. If you have a small bag, like a crossbody purse, a slim credit card wallet, bifold or trifold will fit inside and will leave enough room for your other essentials, like keys and a cellphone. Handling a bigger bag, like a large leather satchel? You can choose a full-size wallet, or even a wristlet to store inside. 

Pairing Your Purse & Wallet Based on Shape 

The shape of your wallet can actually play a role in the bag you are carrying. If you have a slouchy bucket bag on your arm, a rectangular-shaped wallet will be easy to locate in your bag. A slim credit card wallet complements the shape of a round-edged shoulder bag. The petite wallet, which is square in shape, would tuck nicely into the corner of your clutch. A circle coin purse can be clipped to your totes and carryalls, adding structural interest to your already gorgeous Brahmin bag. 

Matching Purse & Wallet Colors & Patterns 

Matching purses and wallets through colors and patterns is one of the easiest ways to correlate your set. You can do an exact color and pattern print of your wallet for your handbags. You can also pair complementary color items. Try a red bifold inside a green tote, or a purple wallet inside a satchel with yellow tones. Or try a purse/wallet combination of orange and blue. Of course, any color wallet can be stored inside a neutral-color designer leather backpack. 

Pairing Purse & Wallet Materials 

Another way of matching purses and wallets is through their construction materials. Brahmin’s designer leather handbags and accessory collections are made from 100 percent genuine leather, making them all easy to pair. You can choose from croc-embossed leather, smooth leather and textured Italian straw trimmed with leather, just to name a few. 

How To Care For Your Matching Purses And Wallets 

The key to having your purses and wallets for a long time is to take care of them, including knowing how to store your leather handbags. Make sure to empty them regularly to help them keep their original shape. Regularly restore your purses and wallets to like-new condition with Brahmin’s leather conditioner. It helps prevent weather and sun damage. You can use the conditioner once a month to protect, moisturize, and clean your wallet and purses. 

Matching purses and wallets isn’t complicated. There are so many ways to coordinate them, and you can mix any of the suggestions above to find the perfect wallet for your handbag. Brahmin has an extensive collection of accessories in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. Your wallet will always be in harmony with Brahmin’s handbags and purses.