styling tips for any life stage

styling tips for any life stage

Defining your personal style is a lifelong journey. There’s no right or wrong age to rock a look. But as you mature, you may find that your needs and your tastes are changing to fit how you’re living at that very moment. With that in mind, Brahmin has a few suggestions on how to dress your age via your handbags and purses, starting with our number one rule: pick ones that make you feel the most confident and stylish. 

Styling Tips Through The Decades 

You start to define your personal style in your twenties and tweak how to dress for your body and age over the decades. As we get older, we tend to be less driven by the trends of the moment and want to invest in a wardrobe that truly expresses our personal style. Here are some tips you can follow to help guide you through this ever-evolving process. 

Your 20s 

You’ve graduated from college and are taking those first steps toward a fulfilling career path. An oversized tote in a muted hue is ready to work as hard as you do. Or you’ve decided to see the world. A mini crossbody makes the smallest footprint as it slips easily over your shoulder. You’ll look like a million with our genuine leather solid and print designs, even though these crossbodies won’t break the bank 

Your 30s

In your thirties, you’re defining your look on your own terms. Store your office briefs in a stunning and unexpected choice: the leather backpack. One in classic black croc-embossed leather elevates this trendy purse style. You may also be starting a family or celebrating other life milestones. Keep everything you need for these momentous changes in a roomy carryall. With footed bottoms, it’s sturdy enough to handle all this decade’s curves.  

Your 40s

Ah, the fabulous forties. You’ve figured out how to dress in your 40s and have the means to invest in handbags that can transcend the simplest pieces in your wardrobe to make a bold statement. A slouchy bucket bag or structured satchel are two that fit the bill. Choosing one in a bold, exotic print lets everyone know that your biggest style trend is living by your own personal taste. 

Your 50s

You’re at the top of your career -- or starting a brand new one that taps into your true passions. Your kids are grown and out on their own, which means you have plenty of space and resources to house a whole handbag wardrobe! A soft leather satchel with multiple interior pockets is a timeless investment, especially in classic neutrals like black and chestnut. Add a few in bright color to complement your timeless wardrobe pieces. 

Your 60s

You are recognized for your wisdom and resilience. You deserve a bag that’s as versatile and classy as you are. A classic-shaped purse is a must. Let them know you’ve still got it by carrying one in a fiery red hue or exotic pattern. Round out your evening wardrobe with special occasion bags embellished with intriguing details like Swarovski crystal closures, or add your own personalized engravings. 

Accessories For Every Age 

You have the right handbag, now what are you going to put inside? Brahmin offers handbag accessories you need at every age, from wallets and wristlets to cosmetic bags and eyeglass cases. You can always choose more traditional shades and textures, or test-run our latest whimsical designs. 

With Brahmin’s extensive collection of handbags and accessories, there’s a style, shape, and color that fits your lifestyle, no matter what your age.