how to match your handbag with your outfit: the ultimate guide

how to match your handbag with your outfit: the ultimate guide

Ever wonder how to effortlessly pair your handbag to your outfit? We've put together three expert tips on how to match your handbag with your outfit! 

Ever wonder how to effortlessly pair your handbag to your outfit? Here at Brahmin, we have a few ideas! Our extensive selection of bags – from open-market totes to wristlets and wallets – means you’ll have every type of purse to suit every outfit you can imagine. 

Here are three ways on how to match your handbag with your outfit. 

Pair Your Purse To the Occasion 

Heading out somewhere special? Selecting the type of bag you carry can be based on where you’re going. A shoulder bag is great for all-day comfort while holding your must-haves inside its compact, yet roomy interior space. You can choose a large satchel shape or a smaller square style. 

A leather crossbody handbag is the ideal choice when you need your hands free for sightseeing in a new city or indulging in a wine tasting. Try a vintage-inspired purse with a curvy silhouette. Its relaxed style adds character to every outfit and is a must-have, low-key, luxe look. Brahmin’s most mini crossbody bag is slim in stature, but maximum on impact. With an interior zip pocket, a key clip, and enough capacity to carry your phone, it’s perfect for day adventures or a chic night out. 

Going away for the weekend? You’ll need a bigger bag of course! Along with your favorite weekender travel bag, think about carrying a large satchel or bucket bag so you can stash a book or your iPad to use during your commute. 

Pair Your Purse To Other Accessories 

While there’s nothing wrong with a matching shoes and purse look, you can create even more layers to your outfit with accessories when you bend the rules a bit over being matchy-matchy. Pick a tone or texture from your outfit to complement or contrast. Wearing your favorite black stilettos? Try a chic leather shoulder bag with swirls of black, blue, and other colors to pull together your look. 

Pair Your Purse To Your Clothing 

This may be the biggest question people have: how to match your handbag with your outfit? Here are our favorite tips: 

Let Fabric Guide Your Choice 

Wearing silk or satin, which often give to softer lines? Go for a more structured satchel to offset the look. Wool and nubby fabrics pair oh-so-well with smooth leather options, especially a classic square silhouette in stately colors of black, brown, or navy.  

Contrast Your Colors 

You can create an enticing ensemble when you pair together colors on opposite sides of the spectrum. A denim jumpsuit looks much more playful when it’s suited up with a lemony yellow rolled handle tote. 

Pick Handbags That Match Every Outfit 

There are those mystical handbags that seem to match every single outfit you put on. Solid neutrals in classic and unexpected hues often give off this effect. Another smart option is a multicolored print, which often corresponds to one of the colors of your outfit to help create a cohesive look.  

These are easy-to-follow rules on how to pair your outfits and handbags. But here’s one final thought, and it’s one of our personal favorites: follow your whim. Brahmin’s expansive handbag collection, including new handbag arrivals, means you can match whatever color handbag you wish to go with everything in your closet, allowing you to freely express your own personal style and be the most confident version of yourself.