4 handbag colors that go with everything (and aren't black)

4 handbag colors that go with everything (and aren't black)

The key to finding a bag that goes with everything is one that offers texture and tone. Check out these handbag colors that go with everything (and aren't black!) 

In your search to answer the question: what color handbag goes with everything, do you find yourself relegating back to black? While the black handbag should be a staple in every woman's wardrobe, at Brahmin, we’ve got a few colorful handbags and purses that will look great with the pieces you love most in your closet. More importantly, once you add some bright and colorful purses to your wardrobe, you’re certain to make this fashion epiphany: color is the new black!   

So what colorful handbags go with just about everything? The key is looking for a bag that offers texture and tone. One that has multiple shading in the same color family will complement or add just the right amount of contrast to the outfit you’ve chosen. 

Make sure you have these four colorful handbags at your fingertips. 

The Red Handbag 

Ah, fiery red. Red is known to represent strength and power, so when you carry a red handbag, expect people to take notice and give you confidence to walk into any room.. You may be surprised to learn that red is also super versatile, especially when your purse is tone-on-tone shades of red. If you’re new to this bright, bold hue, you can start with a small dose. Place a wallet or wristlet in the colors Rose Ombre or Chili inside your favorite tote or satchel. 

Ready to be the center of attention? Slip a large red Duxbury satchel on your arm to let them know you’re on the scene. A red purse is also a great choice for the holiday season, summer and on Valentine’s Day. 

The Green Handbag 

The color green symbolizes nature and tranquility, so you may find yourself totally at ease when you’re carrying a handbag in this hue. As bags change from season to season, your green bags should change too. Try a tote bag in shades of seafoam or pistachio in the spring and summer months. Switch to more autumnal hues like forest and hunter green when the weather gets cooler. 

Some say that the color green brings you good luck, so you may want to carry one when you’re starting a new project. 

The Blue Handbag 

Blue may call to mind feelings of calmness or serenity, but our favorite blue bag definitely knows how to turn things way up. Pairing this fashionable oversized market-style tote in dazzling electric blue with any outfit brings on a spark of energy and liveliness. 

Navy blue is a time-tested neutral making it a purse color that goes with everything. Try a structured style in a classic silhouette with a front flap pocket, which will cast a stately feel to your look. 

The Brown Handbag 

Brahmin’s classic leather handbag color that never goes out of style is our Pecan Melbourne. It’s a classic neutral that compliments any outfit. There’s a reason it is our fan favorite colorway. Take this handbag from day to night or season to season by pairing it with your favorite trending print. 

With Brahmin’s designer handbag selections, you’ll always have a spectrum of colorful handbags that go with everything in your closet.