which duxbury is best for me?

which duxbury is best for me?

Trouble deciding which of these fan-favorite styles is perfect for you? Let us help by comparing the Duxbury Satchel to the Large Duxbury Satchel. 

Are you stuck between snagging a Duxbury Satchel or the Large Duxbury? You’ve heard of our best-selling Duxbury, now it’s time to decide which one to add to your collection. We have all the information you need to help you! 


For your elevated everyday, with less on your plate, we recommend the Duxbury Satchel. This style stands at 9.75″, with 5″ of depth, at 12.8″ wide. The Duxbury Satchel can get you through anything. Use this leather handbag to carry a tablet or an ipad. 


This satchel can convert to a crossbody effortlessly with its adjustable 25” strap. Busy running errands and your phone is ringing off the hook? No worries! Our Duxbury Satchel has a great back pocket to quickly slide your phone in and out.  

Our styling tip is to pair this style with Jane or Small Veronica Wallets to keep your cards and bills handy for brunch, errands or date night. 


Bigger the better! Our Large Duxbury Satchel is the must-have for those with long to-do lists and lots of responsibilities. This bag gives you 14.2″ of width, 12″ of height and 5″ of depth for all the trinkets and necessities of your day-to-day life. This fan-favorite style can even fit a small laptop.  


This style also offers itself as a shoulder handbag with a removable 13” strap. But the convenience doesn’t stop there! Our dedicated key clip keeps your house keys or car keys easily accessible throughout your day. With so much room, there’s no need to go rummaging through your bag for your keys. This bag is equipped with a footed bottom to avoid scuffing when it’s off your shoulder. 

We love this bag paired with the Skyler or Ady Wallet. Grab your new favorite combo and you’re ready for PTA meetings, business conferences, a long drive or a day filled with all of the above. 

We understand if you’re still debating, but it never hurts to get one of each so you have the perfect bag for every occasion! Plus, Brahmin has a vast assortment of this fan-favorite style in many colors and unique prints to choose from.