what is a satchel bag?

what is a satchel bag?

What is a satchel bag? These bags are often misunderstood. Read to learn more about satchels, their sizing, and how they differ from totes and handbags. 

When it comes to the handbags you should have in your closet, a satchel is an often overlooked option. Let’s discuss the satchel bag and why it should be an integral part of your handbag collection. 

A satchel is commonly associated with a bag for students due to its size and ability to be carried like a backpack. However, a more accurate description is simply a bag with straps that can fit books inside. Satchels are therefore usually composed of more durable materials, which is why this type of bag is a must for Brahmin collectors. Leather is ideal for making a satchel more than just a scholar’s bag. With Brahmin colors, features, and adjustable straps, a satchel is transformed into an everyday bag that exudes refinement. The beauty of a satchel is that it can be worn in a variety of ways depending on the amount of straps. Brahmin satchels have handles and often come with an additional strap to wear at the shoulder. Brahmin sachets have top zippers or buckles to further top off a satchel in style, while keeping your possessions inside safe.  

What size is a satchel? 

The satchel can be scaled up or down depending upon its usage. If you like the idea of a utilitarian bag but don’t anticipate carrying around a laptop or a change of clothes, a satchel can be a stylish solution. Brahmin satchels offer ample space in terms of interior organization. Pockets, organizers, loops, and clips help you get the most use out of your satchel bag. For those who usually favor fashion over function, the Brahmin satchel can be a surprising combination of both. Several of Brahmin’s satchel bags can be worn comfortably as crossbodies, leaving room for everything in your handbag, and it can rest easily on the hip. 

Satchel vs. Tote 

A satchel and a tote are similar in that both are made for carrying everyday essentials. Both have handles and can be worn over the shoulder. However, these bags are not entirely identical. A tote is more of a carryall, whereas a satchel can be more compact. Brahmin stands apart from the traditional idea of a scholarly satchel and a commonplace tote. The Brahmin satchel can be worn just as effortlessly to the office, an art gallery, or to a garden party. It has the space you need to carry your go-to necessities in a sophisticated and comfortable fashion without the need for additional space.  

The satchel is a must-have for any woman who appreciates quality handbag craftsmanship, and is looking for a trusted and classic everyday piece. Regardless of what style you’re shopping for, Brahmin offers a variety of luxury handbags. Fall in love with the Brahmin bag that speaks to you, and wear it with pride. 

Satchels are no longer mere scholarly book bags for students. Wear a satchel for smart styling to show off ingenious design. Shop Brahmin satchels in a wide variety of colors and prints to make this bag your own.