9 types of purses & handbags you should own

9 types of purses & handbags you should own

With so many styles of purses, it can be hard to choose just one. We've compiled a list of nine different types of designer handbags you should own! 

Each season, a fresh crop of designer handbags pops into your feed. With so many choices available, it can become overwhelming to decide what kind of purse to buy. Whether you’re itching for a new bag or are looking to round out your wardrobe, here are the nine different types of handbags we suggest you have in your closet.  


There are many styles of handbags to choose from, and some even offer additional ways to carry besides the handle. Brahmin handbags come with gorgeous hardware details and straps to convert into a crossbody or an over the shoulder bag. A Brahmin handbag is a staple for any woman’s wardrobe because it can be kept close at hand and is roomy enough to fit everyday essentials. Shop Brahmin handbags to see all the design and carrying possibilities. 


The crossbody is defined as a single strap bag that’s worn across the body for hands-free movement. Since you don’t have to worry about holding onto your bag, this is the ideal choice for running errands, shopping, and traveling. Brahmin crossbodies feature an adjustable strap for a custom and comfortable fit. Types of crossbody bags include smaller pouches and convertible crossbodies. Brahmin crossbody bags are available in round or rectangular shapes, with shades that range from electric blues to painterly patterns. These luxury handbags are more than just utilitarian pieces, they’re works of art.  


Many may wonder, “What is a satchel bag?” While this term may not be as commonly used when describing different types of purse styles, the shape of the satchel is a familiar one. Satchels are medium-sized and can be carried via two short handles or by a single shoulder strap. The satchel is a sturdier purse style and can slightly resemble a softer briefcase, making them smart handbag options for students and professionals. Brahmin satchels come with chic extras such as a key clip, jewelry pocket, organizational pockets, or back slide-in pocket for phone, depending on the style of satchel you choose. Shop Brahmin satchels in bold styles for a luxury take on this bag type.  


A tote style purse is truly an everyday bag. Totes have a single compartment, making it easy for you to access items on the go. A Brahmin tote is more than just a go anywhere accessory. Our luxury totes feature eye-catching blends of colors and patterns for a bag that’s built for everyday but won’t be spotted everywhere you go. Whether for business or pleasure, Brahmin totes offer the space and style you need. 

Shoulder Bags 

Leather shoulder handbags are a fashion mainstay. This type of purse is worn over the shoulder and is fitting for casual and professional situations alike. Purchase a shoulder bag to have at the ready. Brahmin offers designer handbag options in solid colors and stunning prints alike to effortlessly upgrade your outfit of the day.  


Brahmin’s unique backpack purses come in sophisticated shapes that resemble a classic handbag and are made of premium leather. Backpacks are excellent choices for traveling, errands, or day trips. Shop Brahmin backpacks to pick up the one that’s right for you. 

Wallets & Wristlets 

For those days or nights when you don’t want to carry anything, a wristband wallet is the perfect compromise. These tiny purses fit necessities such as a phone, money, and lipstick and can be worn around the wrist to give your shoulders a break. Brahmin wristlets work to maximize space with organizational pockets to separate IDs, credit cards, and cash. Shop wristlets and wallets for your next night out. 

Bucket Bag 

Bucket bags usually come with a handle and are known for their recognizable shape, which provides ample room for carrying whatever you need. The bucket bag can be a fun departure from your everyday shoulder bag or handbag, ideal for weekends out on the town. Brahmin bucket bags come in unique prints and colors to make this accessory even more of a standout. 

Regardless of your purse preference, Brahmin carries all nine of these luxury handbag styles and more. Shop Brahmin for elevated handbags for any occasion.