small handbags vs large handbags

small handbags vs large handbags

There are differences between small and large handbags that can influence your choice. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right-sized handbag! 

How To Choose The Right-Sized Handbag 

Choosing the right-sized handbag may seem like a major conundrum. After all, is there any handbag that’s too big or too small? We at Brahmin totally encourage loving every handbag in your collection, no matter its size. However, there are differences between small handbags and large handbags that can influence which one you should choose. We’re here to break down the advantages of each type of purse, along with tips on choosing the best leather handbags to add to your personal collection – in every size. 

Small Handbags 

A small handbag may be little in stature, but it can still handle quite a load. A small structured satchel is a wardrobe staple. Look for one that’s equipped with multiple interior pockets to keep your smaller items neat and organized. A small handbag with a divider also helps keep things in order. Brahmin’s clutch bags can be a stylish choice for day or night. Try a woven clutch with jeans and sneakers. Or rock your tuxedo blazer and heels with a clutch in a metallic hue. 

If you are petite, a small handbag won’t look like it’s engulfing your frame. Try a few in different shapes and colors to add variety and to elevate your wardrobe. In addition, if you want to be hands-free, a smaller handbag, like a mini crossbody purse, is ideal. It has interior organizer pockets and a back slide-in pocket to carry your essentials. In addition, this small leather handbag’s compact size won’t weigh you down when you’re taking that weekend powerwalk. 

Medium Handbags 

Your favorite medium handbag is like a Goldilocks moment: it’s just the right size! This roomier carryall is ideal for having everything you need and then a little extra. Brahmin’s medium-sized handbags include satchels, totes, and the highly coveted bucket bag. Whether you choose one that’s slouchy or straight, designed in a solid shade or a punchy pattern, these bags’ roomier interiors offer zippered pockets and other compartments to keep those few extra items in check. A medium-sized bag is versatile enough to flatter all body sizes, so don’t be afraid to experiment with color and shapes. 

Large Handbags 

A large handbag allows you to carry everything – and we do mean everything – you want with you from day to day. Large handbags always have their place on the cutting edge of fashion. Take it from the runway to real life with a larger satchel or tote bag that gives homage to the oversized trend without overpowering your looks. Concentrate instead on hues and textures. Larger bags are a must for taller women to complement their proportions. Look for ones with longer straps that can give you the extra length you need to carry them on your shoulder. If you’re petite and want a patterned bag, opt for one with a design on a smaller graphic scale so it doesn’t overwhelm your frame. 

Whatever size of bag you choose, it should be the one that puts the biggest smile on your face. Brahmin’s extensive collection of small, medium-sized, and large handbags means you’ll always find what you desire in a range of colors, textures, and styles designed to fit your individual style. Check out our latest selections in our "New Arrivals" section.