how to store handbags

how to store handbags

Storing your purses properly is important to keep them in pristine condition. Here are a few tips on how to store your handbags to enjoy them for years to come! 

You have a big, beautiful Brahmin handbag collection, and now you want to know how to store your precious purses. Storing your purses properly is important to keep them in pristine condition. It’s recommended that you store your handbags upright to help them maintain their original shape. We’ve got some really fun and inventive purse storage ideas that will help you keep all your bags in line and on display. 

Shelf Your Handbags 

Shelves are ideal for purse storage. You can line your bags upright to have them easily accessible for any occasion. Keep your collection neat and tidy with the storage ideas below. 

Photo Credit: Peg Saunders 

Shelf Dividers 

Slip these right onto your shelves to keep your flat-bottomed totes vertically in place. 

Cube Organizers 

Cube shelving is extremely versatile and mobile. Try stacking the bins in a descending order to add some whimsy to your purse storage solution. 

Open Book Shelves 

Place your handbags on an open bookcase. Vary the shapes and sizes of your bags to create glamourous focal points. 

Hook Your Handbags 

Hanging your handbags is a great way to economize space. You can hang them from rods in a closet , or on the back of a door with several hooks. Feeling bold? Why not use your shoulder bags as art? Hang them on a wall where they will be on full display. You can also hang them on a pegboard. 

Photo Credit: Julia Fesperman 

Magazine Holders 

Great for your sleek wallets and wristlets, you can stand these bags upright in clear magazine holders. 

Rattan Bins 

These woven storage baskets are a pretty sturdy space to house your purses. They'll look great on open shelves.  

Hanging Pocket Organizer 

Repurpose a large shoe canvas organizer to enjoy the ease of shelving your purses while they hang from the rack. 

Bin Your Handbags 

What’s great about a bin storage system is that your bags can easily be moved from one location to another. Let your imagination run wild on what those bins can be -- here are a few ideas. 

Photo Credit: Peg Saunders 

Top Tips On Organizing Your Purses & Bags 

There are so many ways to organize your bags, whether it’s by color, style , or size.  

By color

If you love coordinating your bags to your outfit by their hue, having your bags in color coordination makes for easy access. You can go from light to dark bags, or you can go for the Home Edit’s iconic look with a rainbow effect of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo , and violet. 

By size

Some days you need your oversized carryall, other days a mini crossbody will do. Organize your bags by their size, from smallest to largest. 

By style

Bucket bags? Wristlets? You have all kinds of purses! Group your bags by their style and you’ll always find the kind you’re looking for right at your fingertips.  

How you store your purses will help keep them organized and in tip-top condition. Make sure to store your Brahmin collection of genuine leather handbags in a dry and cool space and out of the sun to protect the leather. In addition, Brahmin provides each of its handbags with a dust bag for safe storage. Keeping your handbags inside of one also helps protect them from sun exposure, as well as excess moisture and dust, so you can enjoy your Brahmin handbags for years to come.   

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