the zodiac assortment: scorpio edition

the zodiac assortment: scorpio edition

Surprise your favorite Scorpio with a Brahmin handbag and watch their face light up! From elegant evening bags to bold business totes, we have gifts they'll love. 

Scorpio Personality Traits 

Often misunderstood, Scorpio people, born October 24 – November 21, revel in a good mystery. They'll use their natural resourcefulness to deep dive into research and delight in every minute of it. Scorpios are true friends who tend to be passionate, brave, and self-aware. 

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Gifts for a Scorpio 

Any gift that adds to their mystique will be appreciated. Dark colors, especially black, and moody vibes work well for this water sign. Scorpios like the minimalist aesthetic with simple lines and abstract shapes, but they want a bit of an edge to it. Look for items that play up their down-to-business attitude, like our Business Tote in Black Melbourne, or something with a surprising silhouette and a little metal, as in the new Arietta in Kyanite Melbourne. 

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