the zodiac assortment: leo edition

the zodiac assortment: leo edition

Make the Leo in your life roar with delight by gifting them a bold and beautiful handbag from Brahmin. We have fiery colors and exclusive designs they'll love! 

Leo Personality Traits 

With larger-than-life personalities, Leo people, born July 23 – August 22, enjoy being the center of attention, and they have the confidence to lead the pack – or pride, since Leos are represented by the lion. Your Leo friends are loyal, generous, ambitious, and theatrical. All this means they don't want to feel ignored or underappreciated, so give them a gift to match their dramatic approach to life! 

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Gifts for a Leo 

As a fire sign, orange, red, yellow, and gold are the ultimate Leo colors. But in a nod to their regal personality, purple – the historic color of royalty – will make them smile, too. Leo style is characterized by bold patterns, exclusivity, and luxury. To truly delight a Leo, choose a handbag like the bright and beautiful Bekka in Infusion Ombre Melbourne or one of our more exclusive designs that you can't find anywhere else like the Medium Asher in Orange Potion Melbourne. 

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