the zodiac assortment: sagittarius edition

the zodiac assortment: sagittarius edition

Give the Sagittarius in your life a gift they can take on adventures! From travel bags to leather journals, Brahmin has eye-catching gifts for bold explorers. 

Sagittarius Personality Traits 

People born under the Sagittarius sign, between November 22 – December 21, have generous hearts, natural curiosity, and a passion for adventure. Their curious nature drives them to wanderlust, and they must travel to satisfy that part of their souls. If you're lucky enough to have a Sagittarius person in your life, you know their sense of humor can lighten any mood. 

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Gifts for a Sagittarius 

Because they are a fire sign with a bold streak, Sagittarius colors are primarily purple, with blue, yellow, and orange as secondary power colors. Combined with their love of freedom and travel, those colors mean that Sagittarius style features larger-than-life prints, bold accents, and any accessory that can handle a world tour. 

Now that you know a bit more about them, it makes sense that the best Sagittarius gifts from Brahmin include a versatile travel bag, like the Duxbury Weekender in Neptune Melbourne for those overnight adventures they love to take. Or consider giving them a luxurious journal to document their bucket list! Another great idea is a backpack so they can shop hands-free in the local markets, but be sure it's in a bold color or an oversize print, like the Chelcy in Ink Leontyne. 

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