the zodiac assortment: aquarius edition

the zodiac assortment: aquarius edition

Gift your favorite Aquarius a bag from Brahmin and watch their face light up. From eye-catching designs to unique color combinations, we know what they like!

Aquarius Personality Traits

One of the most unique of the Zodiac signs, Aquarius people, born January 20 – February 18, tend to float between fun, adventure-loving moods and intellectual conversations. They are fiercely independent and ready to fight for humanitarian causes. They also have a bit of an adventurous streak.

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Gifts for an Aquarius

To find the perfect Aquarius gifts, look for unique designs in eye-catching hues of blue with white, purple, or silver accents – all Aquarius colors! They'll often gravitate toward unconventional prints and unusual shapes because Aquarius style is nothing if not eclectic.

To celebrate their zest for adventure, why not give the Aquarius in your life the perfect accessory for touring towns hands-free? The Harker belt bag in Black Lakeway fits the bill! Or bring out their fun side with a little crossbody bag, like our Arietta in Royal Purple Melbourne. Truly, nearly any Brahmin handbag in an Aquarius color is sure to delight them!

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