resort wear: understanding resort style

resort wear: understanding resort style

Choosing the right wardrobe will play a crucial part in your trip’s success. Here are a few pointers to help you understand resort wear style and dress code. 

Resort Wear: Understanding Resort Style & Dress Code 

You’re ready to head off for a new, exciting getaway. Choosing the right wardrobe will play a crucial part in your trip’s success. As you start to pack your travel bag, you’ll want to think about the clothing and accessories that will complement the weather and more importantly, make you feel fabulous while you check out the sites and scenery. 

What Is Resort Wear For Women? 

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is resort wear? Well, this special brand of clothing has been specifically created for you to sport while on vacation and traveling. It’s usually lighter pieces that are perfect for warm weekend getaways, cruises, or a week-long escape to an all-inclusive resort.   

What Are Resort Dress Codes? 

As you plan your travel, one of the first things you should do is find out what resort dress codes are in place at your destination. Your vacation spot could be one that’s totally casual. Or you might find that you need a more elevated collection of clothing, handbags, and accessories for all your activities. Here are three common dress codes to get you started. 


You’re probably scratching your head and wondering “what is resort casual?” If your destination has a beachy vibe, you’ll probably sport a resort casual wardrobe. Think strappy dresses and gauzy cover-ups over your bathing suit, or cute shorts with a stretchy t-shirt. An open-market tote is perfect for these sunny excursions. Try one in Milk Melbourne leather for a day of walking and shopping. Or take on a mini-crossbody on your beachy adventures. Toss it over your shoulder to enjoy an impromptu round of beach volleyball. If you want to add a little more flash, pair your casual look with a crystal necklace and earrings. 


Many cruise and resort destinations have a dress code for the evening. Personally, we think it’s the ideal time to slip into something a little more polished. Try pairing lightweight slacks or a skirt with a tropical print silk blouse for a simple pulled-together evening look. A small shoulder bag that fits under your arm is all you need to carry your resort wear essentials for the night: your room key, cell phone, and your favorite lip gloss for quick touch-ups. If you’re going with a more flowy dress silhouette in linen or silky fabric, try pairing it with a smooth, sculpted bag for a bit of contrast. 


If your resort calls for formal attire, this is the time to go all out – let’s be honest, you didn’t buy that gorgeous evening gown just to sit in the back of your closet! Whether you’re wearing a slinky draped evening sheath or a strapless tiered cocktail dress with a big floral print, you should definitely accessorize your look with some bling. Try a black satchel with a Swaroski crystal buckle, or a shimmery wristlet, if you happen to be attending a resort wedding 

Whether you find yourself on the beach, in the Caribbean, or at a Mediterranean hideaway, having the right pieces will make you feel right at home. That usually includes a wardrobe made from lighter fabrics, like cotton and rayon, in light neutral tones, along with enticing tropical prints. Matching your handbag and accessories with these looks is a breeze with Brahmin’s extensive collection of handbags, weekend travelers, and jewelry selections.