how to wear a belt bag

how to wear a belt bag

Stylish women wear belt bags to keep their hands free and look fresh. Here are a few pro tips on how to wear leather belt bags day and night! 

Women want to feel relaxed and look put together when they’re on the move. Now that loungewear and athleisure have joined dressier attire as everyday wardrobe staples, it’s only natural that leather belt bags are trending. Let’s take a look at how these high-impact accessories can bring your style up to date. 

What Is a Belt Bag? 

The fanny packs of yesteryear have evolved to become the smart, chic belt bags of today. These small purses hang from a buckled, adjustable strap or a chain with a lobster clasp that fastens to your body. 

The Pros of Wearing a Belt Bag 

Whether you’re taking a trip to the gym or traveling abroad, belt bags are a wonderful companion accessory and a practical alternative to a crossbody bag. 

Easy to Wear 

A great belt bag shares traits with any classic purse. It’s streamlined and sized to hold essentials like your phone, cards, cash, lipstick, and keys. 

Convenient and Hands-Free 

Belt bags keep your daily necessities accessible while leaving your hands free to work, eat, drive, and express yourself. 

Keep Your Personal Items Close 

A bag that fits against your body feels safe and secure. Thick straps, substantial chains, and sturdy fasteners will keep everything you need within the bounds of your personal space at all times. You won’t need to worry about dropping the bag or having it pulled away from your body. 

Versatile for Every Occasion 

Modern belt bags are made from materials that can be dressed up or down and worn morning, noon, and night. A leather belt bag will take you from work to the market and the movie theater. When you’re out on the town, a designer belt bag is the perfect way to show off your fashion savvy. 

How to Wear a Belt Bag 

When it comes to belt bags, think outside the box! Stylish women have discovered that form and function say a lot about how you can wear your bag. You'll be surprised at how you can wear them. 


The most obvious way to wear a belt bag is to fasten it around your waist. Style your bag with the pocket facing casually off-center in the front to keep your look active while the items you need remain within reach. If your outfit is minimal and you’re working indoors, a belt bag can look sleek and stay out of the way when the pocket faces the back. 


If you’re in a rush, it’s easy to throw a belt bag over your shoulder. You can hold the purse close to your body while maintaining a breezy attitude. 


If you’ve ever wondered how to wear a belt bag crossbody style, inspiration is easy to find. Trendsetters who add a designer belt bag or two to their collection really take their wardrobe to the next level when they learn how to wear a belt bag crossbody. 


A belt bag can easily be worn as a casual leather backpack. Arrange the strap diagonally under one arm and over your opposite shoulder, and then fasten it across your chest. 

Style Your Belt Bag for Day or Evening Wear 

Belt bags can be worn with all your favorite clothes if you pay attention to shape, pattern, texture, and proportion. A leather belt bag looks great with upscale athleisure, jeans, or a linen suit. You can even wear a belt pack over a midi dress or a tailored wool coat. 

Belt bags are a fabulous and practical way to look sharp when you're out and about. Shop Brahmin today!