how to organize a tote

how to organize a tote

A tote is the ultimate bag to carry everything you need, but what’s the best way to keep it organized? We’ve got the tips to organize your favorite totes here. 

A tote is the ultimate carryall for busy women. It can hold everything they think they need for a full day, which means there can be a lot stored inside that everything bag. What’s the best way to keep it all organized and easily accessible? Brahmin has a vast collection of tote bags for women, and we’ve got all the tips to organize your favorite ones. 

How to Organize Your Tote Bag  

The key to keeping your tote organized is knowing where everything can go. Brahmin’s tote bags already do the first step for you. Our tote handbags have essential storage components like back slide-in pockets, key clips, interior zippered pockets and organizer pockets. You just have to decide what goes where.  

Pull everything out of your tote to start with an empty bag. Group items together by size and similarity and discard anything that shouldn’t be kept inside (like receipts, grocery lists or expired coupons). Then decide what items can fit comfortably in your tote’s numerous pockets and compartments. Take advantage of the pen pocket and key clip so these items are always easily accessible.  

One of the best ways to organize the rest of your items is to keep them in separate,easy to reach pouches. Our roomy wristlets are the ultimate tote bag organizers, perfectly designed to be tucked into a larger bag. They can also be removed and used on their own. Another handbag organizer is a cosmetic bag. Store your cosmetics and jewelry in style with Brahmin's high-end designer leather makeup cases. 

To hold your change and other small items, add a coin purse or mini envelope case. You can clip these petite Brahmin styles with stunning gold hardware onto your favorite tote. 

What to Put in Your Tote Bag 

Now that you know how to store things, it’s time to figure out what should be inside your tote. Start with the basics: keys, wallet, and your cell phone -- we like to have ours in an exterior pocket for fast and easy access. Here are some other items you can keep in your handbag on a regular basis: 

Tote Bag Organization Tips & Tricks 

Not only do you want to keep your tote organized, but you also want to eliminate unnecessary items that can bog your bag down. Here are some tips to help you optimize your bag use: 

  • Pouch Your Items

    Creating “zones” in your bag with convertible wristlets is the key to finding what you need easily and quickly. Have one dedicated to personal items like lipstick, breath mints, and hand cream. This will also protect your tote from unexpected stains and spills. 
  • Make An Essential Mini Tote 

    A tote is oversized, so you can put everything you need in one bag. But once you make it to your destination, you can downsize and keep your most needed items with you. A small crossbody bag does the trick. 
  • Empty It At Night 

    If you empty your bag every day, you can see what you’ve accumulated and put away items you don't need. You won't have to lug around a heavy bag, and it helps keep your bag from being damaged from carrying too much weight. 

Now that you know the secrets of organizing your totes, it’s time to find the one that’s perfect for you. Brahmin has a stunning selection of oversized market totes for every occasion, along with wristlets, wallets, and crossbody bags you can place inside. Happy organizing!