how to choose an everyday handbag

how to choose an everyday handbag

An everyday handbag must fit your essentials, be easy to carry, and be stylish enough to complement any look. Discover how to find your perfect everyday bag. 

Choosing an everyday handbag doesn't need to be complicated, but the best bag for your daily life should be personalized to what's right for you. Do you need a clutch that fits only your keys, lipstick, and cell phone or does your everyday include a laptop or tablet that needs to go where you do? Are you looking for a neutral color that goes with anything or do you like to show your personality through a favorite color?  

When you're looking for a great everyday handbag, start with a few questions about your daily life to find a bag that will work for you: 

  • What do you need to carry on a daily basis? (In other words, how big do you need your bag to be?) 
  • Does your handbag need to be used as an everyday bag for work? 
  • Which style of bag is most comfortable for you? 
  • Do you prefer a neutral or is there a bolder color that complements your style? 

Choosing the Right Handbag Size 

An everyday handbag only lives up to its name if it can hold all the items that you want to carry with you on a regular basis. For some, a clutch bag with room for a phone, ID, cash, and lipstick is the perfect bag for just the essentials. Others need room for a few more accessories - a favorite pair of sunglasses, for example, or a keychain with more than a house key. 

Before you start shopping for an everyday handbag, take some time for an honest assessment of what you'll be carrying with you. Make sure that your wallet, phone, and other accessories will fit easily inside without needing to pull everything out to get to your keys on the bottom. A larger bag, such as a satchel or everyday shoulder bag may be a better choice for daily use. Keep in mind that a very large bag can quickly become a black hole where items disappear; if you need the extra space, look for a handbag like Brahmin’s with interior organizer pockets and built in key clips to keep everything in its proper place. 

Choosing an Everyday Bag for Work 

The question of choosing an everyday handbag becomes a little more complicated if the bag that you're looking for needs to do double- duty as an everyday bag for work. While many women prefer to have a larger tote or laptop bag for the office and a smaller purse for their personal belongings, others find that one business bag is a better option for them. If you carry a laptop, tablet, or documents on a daily basis, you may prefer a tote bag with multiple pockets that hold your computer, cell phone, wallet, and other accessories. 

Find a Bag that's Easy to Carry 

The right handbag for everyday also varies depending on how you prefer to carry it: do you favor a shoulder bag, a crossbody, or a satchel that sits comfortably at the elbow? You can find handbags of all sizes in each style, unless you prefer a smaller clutch or wristlet. Want to keep your hands and arms free? Consider a crossbody bag or a belt bag that can be carried around the waist or across the chest. The key is finding a style that you feel comfortable carrying every day as you go about your business. Consider a bag with different carrying options and adjustable straps to help ensure that it will meet your comfort needs. 

Bold or Neutral? 

For many individuals, neutrals are their go-to for an everyday handbag. A classic beige, brown, black, grey or white handbag can pair beautifully with almost any outfit. Add a pattern or an appealing texture, and you can add an extra touch of style to your handbag while maintaining that "goes with everything" color. Of course, a multicolored bag could be the perfect option if you want an everyday handbag with a variety of colors. 

Multicolored handbags can bring personality and color to your outfit, but a bag that's mostly a single color can also be a showstopping statement maker. If you like to express your style through bright, colorful outfits, then a boldly colored handbag could be the perfect addition. A bold color can also add a little pizzazz to a wardrobe based on more classic or neutral tones. You might also consider which colors you wear regularly and choose an everyday handbag that coordinates well - if you're a person who favors blues, for example, you could go with another jewel tone such as purple or a complementary orange bag to create a harmonious look. 

Find the Handbag for Your Everyday 

Because each person's daily life and needs are a little bit different, the best everyday handbag for them will depends on those needs. Think carefully about what you carry with you each day, the types of bag styles you prefer, and your clothing style preferences before choosing an everyday bag. Whether you prefer a roomy tote bag, a trendy belt bag, or a stylish everyday shoulder bag, the right handbag for you is waiting.