brahmin partners with thistle farms

brahmin partners with thistle farms

Thistle Farms, non-profit whose mission is to provide a pathway of healing and hope for women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. 

Brahmin is excited to announce a partnership with Thistle Farms, a Nashville, TN-based non-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction.   

Thistle Farms provides two years of free housing, healing and employment. The social enterprise funds the mission and creates employment for program participants, who create beautiful candles and body products 

In 2022, Brahmin’s CEO, Susan Thacker, received a candle from Thistle Farms. The beautiful, hand-poured candle, made by women within the program included touching collateral that spoke about Thistle Farms’ mission and a story of one woman’s journey through Thistle Farms’ residency program. 

We are excited to announce that, in partnership with Thistle Farms, we have curated a gift set that is inclusive of one of our best-selling styles, the Milk Daisy wristlet, paired with Thistle Farms Lavender Body Butter 2oz, Lavender Lip Balm 10ml, Calm Essential Oil 10ml and Hyacinth Waterlily Soy Candle 7.5 oz.  

The limited-release set can be purchased at, and 100% of the proceeds will go towards their organization.

Thistle Farms’ mission aligns with our Brahmin Gives pillars to empower women, like Doris, Thistle Farms graduate and a longtime Brahmin lover.  

“I remember the first time I went to the mall after getting to Thistle Farms to heal and recover. When I was in my addiction, I only went to thrift stores, so I wanted to see what going to the mall was like.  

I was celebrating about seven years of sobriety at this point, so I walked into Macy’s and I saw that first Brahmin purse and I fell in love. I said to myself, “I wonder if I’ll ever be worthy of something like this.”  

One thing you need to know about Thistle Farms is that this program reminds you every day that you’re worthy of so much more than you think. So I thought, “Okay. I’ll keep working, and I’ll keep working on myself, and I’ll start putting money aside just to buy this purse.” And I did!   

I graduated from the program over 10 years ago, but that wasn’t the end of my healing journey. Each day, I keep making progress. And each time I make it to a new milestone, I mark the occasion with a new bag because of that feeling I had that first time I saw one and realized that yes, I am worthy.  

I have found so much joy in knowing that I’m worthy of so many good things in life. I didn’t think I was for such a long time and I see that in the faces of the women who are just starting off in the program. They’re unsure, but when you love on somebody enough, tell them for long enough that they’re worthy and that they can do this, they’ll start to believe it. And getting to see another woman go through that transformation - the same one I went through - is priceless.”  

Help us support Thistle Farms and their mission by purchasing a limited release gift set here.