benefits of using a wristlet wallet

benefits of using a wristlet wallet

Practical and light-weight, find out why women are dropping their everyday purses for wristlet wallets, and what benefits these wristlets may bring. 

For a more upscale occasion where a larger bag isn’t necessary, Brahmin offers a variety of smaller, clutch options. A clutch is an elegant bag that can be held in the hand. The look of a Brahmin clutch is very polished and luxurious — though, if you are looking for a hands-free option, meet the Wristlet. This accessory is compact like a clutch but might be more convenient to hang on to. Below, we break down six benefits of owning a wristlet. 

What is a Wristlet? 

Not just a wallet and often smaller and thinner than a clutch, the wristlet is the ideal compromise when a smaller bag is needed, and throwing something over your shoulder feels like too much. With bags becoming smaller on the runways, the wristlet is poised to make a comeback. 

Benefits of Using a Wristlet 

Your Go-to Going Out Bag 

When you’re going out for a night on the town, a sophisticated Brahmin wristlet is all you need. They’re easy to carry while on the go, and since they’re connected to your wrist, you’re less likely to misplace it or have it out of your sight. Shop for a black leather Brahmin wristlet for a more neutral look or, choose from bold colors or prints to go with a specific style. 

They’re Wonderful Wedding Bags 

Never have to worry about which bag you’ll bring to a wedding event again. A wristlet is suitable for day or evening wedding wear and can be worn easily while dancing and on-the-go. 

Carry Just the Essentials 

If you’re looking for something more simple, a wristlet can help you do just that. This minimalistic style can come with credit card slots to keep every last inch organized or a zipper to securely store your lipstick, phone, or other essentials. 

Keep One in Your Tote 

When you have a long day and evening ahead, you’ll likely need a larger bag. A tote or carryall is a great option for storing a wristlet inside. For days when you have plans during work and immediately after, you’ll be relieved to downsize after 5 o’clock.  

They Travel Well 

Whether you’re going on a day trip, weekend getaway, or on a vacation, the wristlet is a travel essential. Pack these mini bags for short trips to the hotel lobby or restaurant. They’re compact enough for a spa locker or to take to the pool. 

Wear to Workout  

For a walk with your dog, a short hike, or a class at the gym, a wristlet is the ideal purse for holding keys, a debit card, phone, and a membership card. For when a backpack or a mere pocket just won’t do, make the wristlet your gym buddy. 

How to wear a wristlet wallet is versatile and entirely up to you. Opt for animal or other vibrant prints for a girls’ night out. Or, look for more demure cream colors for outdoor or daytime events. Brahmin leather wristlets are a staple for elegant evening attire. For all wristlet wallet options, see the variety of styles Brahmin has to offer that can fit any occasion.