40th anniversary (brahmin then and now) - ruby anniversary

40th anniversary (brahmin then and now) - ruby anniversary

We’re celebrating our 40th anniversary with a “Ruby Red” theme across our collections. Take a look back at BRAHMIN then & now to celebrate this milestone! 

Our 40th Ruby Anniversary: A Look at BRAHMIN Then & Now  

Light the candles, it’s Brahmin’s 40th anniversary! For the past four decades, we have been producing the most beautiful designer leather bags and accessories that showcase our devotion to craftsmanship and our passion for fashion. We’re celebrating this momentous occasion with a “Ruby Red” 40th-anniversary theme across our collections, allowing this fiery red hue to become a part of your personal style. 


What is the meaning behind the Ruby anniversary? 


Varying from the lightest tint to the richest ruby red color, the ruby symbolizes loyal devotion, beauty, strength, and generosity. Many compare the heart of a ruby to a burning flame, a tribute to the passion that has endured over the decades. At Brahmin, we thrive at creating high-quality, handcrafted products that stand the test of time — and look the part. Our passion comes from making things the right way that can be cherished for years.  

Brahmin: Then & Now 


From our humble beginnings in Massachusetts, founder Joan Martin used the best Italian leather, a design element that continues to this day. One of our most popular early designs was the “Flower” tote (named after Joan’s hairstylist). Dubbed “the perfect” handbag, it set the stage for Brahmin’s innovative features like divided pockets and interior compartments for functionality. Over the years, our leather totes, shoulder bags, and other items have evolved in shape and size, leading right up to our current collection of red Brahmin bags and accessories.  

Red Brahmin Purse: The Must-Have Statement Staple 

Adding a red Brahmin purse to your wardrobe collection is adding a statement piece to be remembered. Red is a powerful shade that conveys confidence when you walk into a room. It’s a versatile color that can add the wow factor to an everyday outfit, or it can be the focal point in your evening wear. Try it in small doses, like in a mini-crossbody purse or a wristlet wallet. If you’re ready to seize the day, drape a large satchel handbag in our ruby red hue over your arm. It’s important to protect your investment with our included dustbags, which we’ve made in this striking shade to celebrate our 40th year. 

Brahmin has invested four decades of excellent craftsmanship into our exquisite collection of handbags and accessories, from classic treasures to our trending handbags and purses. Our name, Brahmin, the Bostonian variety, means someone who is cultured and of the most discerning taste. We’re devoted to bringing you on-trend selections that stand the test of time.  

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