4 of the best travel handbags for vacation and everyday use

4 of the best travel handbags for vacation and everyday use

Planning for a vacation can make it tempting to want a new purse and wardrobe. Here are four Brahmin bags that can double as an everyday bag and travel purse. 

When shopping for a handbag, you tend to think of everyday usage. For those finally planning a vacation, it can be tempting to shop for a whole new wardrobe, so don’t forget to purchase the perfect travel purse to pair. Here are four bag styles that can pull double duty, functioning at home and abroad. 


The crossbody bag is a must-have as an everyday option and travel go-to. The beauty of the crossbody is that it frees up your hands. As a tourist, this is a must for packing. The crossbody travel purse allows you to carry luggage to and from the airport, keep passports and wallets close at hand, and lets you snap pictures quickly and easily without your bag getting in the way. When you’re not traveling, this is the perfect purse for running errands or shopping. With your hands free, you can comb through racks of clothes or push a shopping cart with ease. If you’re a jetsetter or constantly out and about, this bag gives you free rein to play. 


Another effortless travel style is the backpack. When navigating a new destination, you want to explore all you can. A Brahmin backpack provides the option of generous space, comfortable wearability, and style that will have everyone take notice. Pack a book, cardigan, and wallet for wearing right onto the airplane. While out sightseeing, a Brahmin backpack can hold your water bottle, sunglasses, and even a souvenir or two, so you don’t have to worry about carrying shopping bags around. The everyday backpack purse is very much in style for wearing close to home as well. The backpack allows you to hop from one event to another without having to constantly check your bag. Brahmin backpacks come in quality leathers as sleek and refined as your handbag, so you will never have to compromise when it comes to style. 


A tote is a stylish travel purse option due to its large square or rectangular shape. Since it has an open top compartment, it provides easy access to a wallet, tablet, sweaters, scarves, or other travel necessities. A sturdy tote can be taken from a car ride to the beach. It’s the ideal place to store a towel, water bottle, book, and snacks for a day on the sand. A tote can also function as your day-to-day bag of choice. It’s ideal for long commutes as it can carry a laptop and planner. Carrying a tote to and from the office is a more practical choice than carrying a purse and a gym bag. If you have an outfit to change into for the evening hours, or are looking to squeeze in a workout, stow your pieces in a Brahmin tote for everyday travel made easy. 


The wristlet is perfect for having on hand while on vacation or for a night out near home. Because it’s so lightweight, you’ll only want to fill it with the essentials so it can be worn comfortably. Think lipstick, credit cards, and maybe a phone in addition to your room key. While staying at a resort or hotel, the wristlet is all you need for trips to the downstairs restaurant or spa. The same holds true for when you’re at home and just need to rush out to pick up some takeout or run a quick errand within walking distance. The small wristlet comes with a large amount of possibilities.  

For the ultimate minimalist, a card holder may be all that’s needed. If you prefer a larger tote while traveling, a passport holder can help ensure you don’t lose this valuable item in your bag. The passport holder can even take the place of a traditional wallet when traveling for less bulk in your bag.  

Whether you’re on the go or staying in, Brahmin bags in any size can double as the ultimate travel companion and everyday purse.